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About Our Magic

For this website we have personally selected magic that we have actually used in presentations, performances and workshops and in entertaining colleagues, friends, family members and various audiences. You won't see hundreds of products here, and almost all of our magic has been selected with the amateur magician in mind. We have organized the magic by level of difficulty, but even most of our "Intermediate" magic is not very difficult. Much of the beginner magic can be performed by magicians as young as 8 or 9 and all of the magic can be performed by women and men up to age 120. It is recommended that those over age 120 who wish to continue performing magic, check with their physician (assuming that their physician is over age 18 but younger than 120).

We have consciously made our prices competitive with other websites and magic stores. If you purchase from us and then find the identical product for less, please inform us of the source and we will refund you double the difference.

Guidelines for Performing Magic: Following are several guidelines that may help you use and not abuse the applications of magic.

  • Practice - even the simplest trick should be practiced sufficiently so that you feel ready and confident when you go to present the trick. Practicing in front of a mirror can give you a sense of what the audience will see. Trying a trick out with a friendly family member (only about 42.5% are "friendly") or close friend (who will not judge you), is a good idea before presenting the trick to other audiences. One or two tricks performed well are better than ten tricks that are performed in a mediocre fashion.

  • Do Not Reveal The Secret - Because you can now do something that other people cannot do, those people will ask you to share the secret of the trick with them. It can be quite tempting to share the secret as sometimes we feel we will be appreciated even more if we share the secret of a trick. Actually, the opposite is true. Even though people say they want to know the secret of a trick, most really do not. On some level, they want to believe that magic actually exists in the world - that Dorothy's slippers actually could transport her to Kansas, that a pumpkin and mice could turn into Cinderella's carriage and horses, that we can save Tinker Bell by saying that we do believe in fairies, that Heinz Ketchup will flow freely from a new bottle, that the Buffalo Bills will someday win the Super Bowl... but I digress. Once you reveal the secret of a trick, you are no longer special because the audience members know as much as you do. In summary, do your best to resist the temptation to share the secrets of magic tricks and you will remain among the top 5% of cool people in the world - those who perform magic that others cannot.

  • Do Not Repeat A Trick - What you will hear frequently following a trick, is "do that again." Some tricks cannot be performed again because they require a special "setup" that needs to be done out of view of the audience. Other tricks could be performed again but shouldn't. Many tricks involve "misdirection" where you are purposefully getting the spectators to focus on things that are not related to the trick so that you can make moves that are related to the trick. If you repeat a trick, it is likely the audience members will focus on things they didn't notice earlier that may help them figure out the secret of the trick. This is not to say that you cannot repeat the trick at another time or place... just not right after you performed the trick.

  • Entertain Your Audience - There is a slight but significant difference between performing magic tricks and entertaining an audience. This why most magicians create a "patter" or story to go along with a trick. Many tricks come with a recommended routine and you may want to use it, modify it or create your own to make your trick fit your particular or peculiar personality and style. When performing magic, it is also important to be excited and enthusiastic. It is your positive attitude and engaging manner that can make a good show great.

  • Know When To Quit - It is better to perform one or two impressive tricks and end on a high note than to keep performing tricks to the extent that your audience is fantasizing about how many decks of cards they could force you to eat or how they could make you disappear by throwing you off a bridge. This is why it is very important to "read" the specators or audience to see if they are still eager for more or they are asleep or tearing their hair out or coming at you to try to tear your hair out. If you see them yawning or looking quite mean, wind things up and come back later for another round of impressive tricks.

About Returns and Refunds: Purchasing magic is different from purchasing items such as shoes, televisions, cars, Necco chocolate wafers, gerbils, harps, land, hammers, 5 1/4 inch disks, copies of books by Al Franken, the video "Follow That Bird" where Big Bird leaves Sesame Street to go live with the DoDos, and similar items. This is because the secret of the trick is being revealed to you when you purchase the magic trick. In a way, you are getting two for one: the trick and the secret as to how it is performed. Therefore, we are not able to accept returned magic except in the event that an item is defective, arrives broken or in bad condition, or other special circumstance. We suggest you read the descriptions of the items carefully so you can make informed decisions before you decide which items to purchase.

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