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Advanced Beginner Magic

Hot Rod

The hot rod is listed under the "advanced beginner" category in that it requires a little practice but is not difficult to perform. If you already know the "paddle move" you will love the hot rod. If you don't yet know the "paddle move" this will give you an opportunity to learn a skill that can be applied to any paddle trick. My fine motor skills are not considered among the best, and I was able to master the hot rod with about 30 to 40 minutes of practice. Here is how it works: you show the spectator(s) a rectangular "rod" that has six different colored gems that appear to be of incredible beauty and value. You show that the gems go through the rod and they appear on both sides. You request a spectator to select any number between one and six. That will allow you to determine which of the precious gems (OK, maybe they aren't all that precious, but we like to pretend they are) is alligned with her or him. Once the person tells you the number, you count that number down from the end of the rod to one of the gems and tell the person that she or he is alligned with that particular color. You you know this to be true because now all six of the gems are that color! As you tell them this, you wave the hot rod and immediately all the gems change to the selected color. You then show how those colors go through the rod and appear on both sides. As a grand finale you can cover the hot rod with your hand, blow on your hand, turn it over and pull it out showing that the original six colored gems are restored! You again show that the six precious-looking gems are on both sides of the rod. This is easy to carry around and fun to show to strangers when waiting in line in the grocery store, bank, bus stop, cafeteria, subway, restroom, department of motor vehicles, unemployment agency, fast-food restaurant, prison cafeteria line, movie theater, well, you probably get the idea. Try not to leave it lying around, because some nefarious individual (21.4% of the population) might try to snatch it just for the precious gems.

$4.95 each

Brass Double-Change Hot Rod

This is the super-duper, flawless, supreme, most excellent, high-end version of the hot rod described above. It's the Rolls Royce, the Filet Mignon, the Beefeaters, the...well, you get the idea. It is much more expensive than the basic hot rod, but it is also awesome in that it makes two color changes and spectators can inspect the hot rod following the routine. This routine varies a little from the one above: you show the spectators a brass rod with all blue dots on both sides, you shake the hot rod and instantaneously the blue dots turn to six different colored dots which are also shown to be on both sides. As with the other hot rod, you ask the spectator to name any number between one and six. Once they give you a number, you count down that number of dots from the end and indicate which of the six colors is alligned with that person. You then shake the hot rod one more time and now all dots on both sides have changed to the selected color proving that was their color! The hot rod can then be handed out for inspection (a feature not shared by the other hot rod). I carry this with me everywhere and often perform it for people who look like they would enjoy a brief magic trick (100% of the people I have met for the past 5 years). Expertly machined, no batteries to change and looks cool on your desk at work or in your shirt pocket protector (engineers only).

$21.95 each

Appearing Cane

This is a great prop that could have also been listed in the beginner section. This cane is distributed by Fantasio which is a leading name in the magic industry - especially in regard to canes. A real plus with this trick is that you can attach a silk to the cane, show the silk to the audience and then make the cane appear and the silk disappear simultaneously. I typically will have the cane, in its collapsed state, sitting on a table with the silk covering it. When I go to perform the trick, it looks like I'm just picking up the silk which I show to the audience. My "patter" relates to how I went into a magic shop and the guy sold me the silk that I am holding. Then he talked me into getting a cane and as soon as I purchased the cane (at this moment I throw the cane in the air and it "appears" at the same time hiding the silk from the audience) then I could no longer find the silk. I handle the cane for awhile and then set it against a table or wall. The first time I performed this trick in front of an audience, they applauded and I felt like a "real" magician. The only real practice needed is throwing the cane in the air, having it "appear" and then catching it before it falls to the floor. It should not take more than 30 minutes of practice to get it down. Definitely worth the money! A free silk is included with every purchase - we recommend black, but let us know if you want black or another color..

$28.95 each

Rising Card Trick

Want a trick that will really "WOW!" the audience. This is it! There are several ways of performing this trick, and here is a routine we like. You begin by taking out an ordinary-appearing deck of Bicycle cards and ask for three volunteers to help with the trick. If you are performing it for one or two people, that is not a problem. You tell one of the volunteers that you will be dealing out cards and they are to say "stop" whenever they want. You start dealing cards off the top of the deck and when they say "stop," you hand them the next card. You repeat this same process with the other two volunteers so than now they are each holding a card. You can then have them show the three cards to others while your back is turned, making sure that you cannot see the cards. You give them the direction that once they put the three cards on top of the deck and square up the deck, they can then sit down. You put the remaining cards in your hand on top of the three cards so they are in the middle of the deck. You can then say that, even though the cards are in the middle of the deck, you should be able to find them through intense concentration. You appear to concentrate on the deck, pull one card out and it's one of the three cards! Then, you hold the deck in your hand with the faces of the cards facing toward the audience. You begin concentrating on the cards and, slowly, one of the cards begins rising out of the deck on it's own! You take it out and ask if that was one of the three cards - naturally, it was. You tell the audience that you now have such powers of concentration that you don't actually have to be holding the cards. You set the deck against something, move away from the deck, and concentrate. A card, own it's own, rises out of the deck and it's the third and last card! Get ready for the oohs, aahs and applause! This is a self-working trick, but does require a little practice before performing it. Recommended for individuals 12 and over, as the deck requires some care when handling.

$14.95 each

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