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Ball to Jumbo Square

This is a great trick because it is relatively inexpensive, can be mastered with a minimal amount of practice and it is baffling to the audience. You bring a small red ball out of your pocket, purse or your bag of magic. You tell your audience that the person at the magic store said you could hide the ball in your hand and they wouldn't be able to tell which hand the ball was in. You proceed to hide the ball, and then have them guess which hand it is in. What ever they say will be wrong because you reveal a black ball in one hand and a red large square in the other. Then you bring the small red ball out of your pocket or purse or it could even be found elsewhere in the room. It sounds like it would take a lot of practice, but because the items are sponge and specially made, it is easy to perform. This can be combined with the Incrediball for a more drammatic effect when the small red ball is revealed. I use this trick in most of my humor presentations because it can be seen from a distance, it is reliable and it is fun to see the mystified looks on the faces of the audience as the red ball is replaced by the black ball and red square.

$4.95 each

Nickels To Dimes

This is a trick that is considered "self-working" which means that you need very little skill or practice to perform the trick. This is generally considered "close-up" magic since the size of the coins limits the distance from which it can be viewed. The magician (That's you!) shows the spectators a small stack of nickels, and a special magic metal cover. She proceeds to cover the nickels with the magic cover and holds a finger on the top. She snaps her fingers and tells the spectators that the nickels just turned into dimes. She snaps her fingers again and informs the group that the dimes have just turned back into nickels. (If the spectators are alive, this should generate a laugh or, at least, some smiles). She snaps her fingers again and informs them that the nickels have once again changed into dimes. She now removes the metal cover to reveal that indeed the four nickels have turned into four real dimes. All items can then be handed out for inspection. The key to this trick is precision-machined parts that give false appearances of reality. For awhile I would have this trick set up ahead of time on a table. At one point I took a risk and tried it in a spectator's hand while others looked on. I put the magic cap over the stack of nickels and they closed their hand tightly over it. I then proceeded through the routine of changing the nickels to dimes and back and then to dimes again. Then they opened their hand, I removed the cap showing that the nickels had disappeard and four real dimes were left in their hand.

$4.95 each

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