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Beginner Magic

Crazy Cube

We like this trick because it is simple, it is easy to carry around, and it is almost impossible to detect the secret. The trick comes with two small black containers that each have a red cap and one die. For those readers interested in a bit of trivia (and even for those who aren't all that interested), on a recent trip to South Africa we learned that in South Africa, and possibly other countries, one die is referred to as a "dice". You share with the audience that since you started performing magic, you now have extra-sensory abilities, and you can actually read minds. A spectator takes the smaller black container, opens it, takes out the die, selects any number between 1 and 6, inserts the die in the smaller container with that number facing up (without you possibly seeing the number) and places the cover back on the container. You then ask them to inspect the larger container to make sure it doesn't have any secret openings or compartments. The spectator places the covered smaller container in the larger one and puts the cap on the top. They then place the cover of that container on your forehead; and through, what apparently can only be superior and amazing mental powers, you tell them the number they selected! Although this trick sounds complex and mysterious, it is deceptively simple and can be performed by nine or ten year-olds after five to ten minutes of practice.

$2.95 each

Magic Coloring Book

The Magic Coloring Book is a "self-working" trick that has some helpful versatility. This trick is easily and effectively used by trainers, teachers, clowns and six-month old babies (just kidding about the babies). When showing this to children, the magician complains that he purchased the coloring book, but it didn't have any pictures to color. The pictures are all shown to be blank. The good will of the children is encouraged as they are asked to draw some imaginary pictures in the air for the book while the magician holds the book toward the group. The magician then thumbs through the pages showing elaborate pictures on each page. The magician again asks the group if they can help color the pictures as the magician doesn't have the time to color so many pictures. The children rub their clothing to get off the colors and throw the colors at the book being held by the magician. The pages are then thumbed again and the audience is congratulated for creating such pretty and colorful pictures. Finally, the magician asks the group to get out their imaginary erasers and erase the pictures, as the magician needs to show the book to another group. Once erased, the magician shows that, once again, all the pages in the book are blank. Another way to perform the trick in a training session or workshop is to say to the audience that the pages of the book are like their awareness of your topic for the day. You show the audience the pages of the book and they are all blank. Then you tell them that by the mid-point of the workshop they will have a good outline of the topic. You show them the pages of the book and elaborate pictures are all outlined. Then share that at the end of the program the topic will be clearly defined and rich with splendid colors while showing them the colorful pictures in the book. Self-working - requires about two minutes of practice. Can be used hundreds of times. You may want to combine this with the Blank Magic Coloring Book described below.

$9.50 each

Magic Coloring Book - Blank

If you look at the picture of this Magic Coloring Book, it should look quite similar to the Magic Coloring Book just described above. In fact, it is identical to the Magic Coloring Book except all the pages are blank. When we use the coloring book, we take it out of a folder and perform the routine described above. When we're done with the routine, we return the book to the folder. Invariably, someone in the audience expresses curiosity about the book and how the trick was performed or they might express a guess as to how it works. We ask if they are curious about the trick and several people usually respond affirmatively - some even say "yes." We give in and say we'll let them check out the book. This time we take out this blank version of the book and hand it to someone who appears particularly curious. They fan the pages in several different ways for awhile until they realize that, indeed, their book is blank and they aren't about to figure out the trick. A fun twist on a fun trick.

$7.50 each

Mind Control

This is definitely a classic of magic and requires NO (zero, zip, nada) background, training, physical ability, knowledge or skill. If you are unable to figure this trick out from just reading the directions, you should immediately check yourself into a short or long-term care facility. The spectator is shown three cards that have three different colored circles on them - red, blue and yellow. You explain that now that you are a magician you can control other people's minds as you will now demonstrate. The person will think they have free will when they choose their color, yet you will be able to show them that you knew in advance which one they would select. If you didn't get it from the description above this might just be the EASIEST trick ever devised in the history of the universe. Very portable.

$3.95 each

Sphinx Magical Block

You may remember when you were in the 6th grade studying about Egypt and the giant man-made sphinxes that have weathered time. Well, this trick appears to have nothing to do with the giant sphinxes, but it's still a cool trick. Luckily, it is much easier to perform this trick than to build your own sphinx out of granite or even paper mache'. You show a penny on a table and tell the spectator(s) that it is important to shine pennies to keep them bright and looking like new. You take your magical block that has felt on it and begin to shine the penny. If you want, you can even have the spectators inspect the block before you begin. After you shine the penny for a minute you remove the block from covering the penny. You indicate that maybe you were too enthusiastic when shining the penny because now it has turned into a dime and the penny has disappeared! All items for this trick are small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse.

$2.95 each

Color-Changing Handkerchief

This trick is suitable for children ages 9 to 90 and can be performed after practice of five minutes or less. You show the audience two different colored silks that are tied together in the middle. You share a brief story about why you needed silks of different colors, slide you hand arcoss the silks and they instantly change into two different colors. Then you share that, for some perfectly sensible reason you want or need the other colors back, slide your hand across the silks again and they are back to the original colors. Is extremely easy to learn and perform - definitely a great item for anyone starting out in magic.

$6.95 each

Super Bubble

Kids love this trick and adults like it too. The performer has an ordinary bottle of bubbles and wand lying on the table. He (or she) picks up the bottle, opens the cap, dips the wand in to get the bubble solution. He sets the bottle back down on the table and blows several bubbles. While the bubbles are in the air, he quickly reaches up and "catches" one of the bubbles - however, it happens to be a solid bubble! He shows the bubble to the audience and can even drop in on the table where it makes a solid noise. He then picks up the bottle of bubbles, puts the cap back on, sets it down and the solid bubble has disappeared! In this trick the work is done for you. Requires no special practice or slight of hand. A great trick for beginners.

$6.95 each

Mouth Coils

Have you ever seen clowns pull long colorful streamers out of their mouths that never seem to end? These are mouth coils and are a lot of fun. They come twelve to a package and cannot be reused - except for classroom decorations, landfill, toilet paper for gerbils, writing long thin notes, tails for kites and many other other cool uses. These are "self-working" in that, once you start pulling the end, the multi-colored paper keeps coming out in a long ribbon. When performing at a school or program where kids are present, we get some young person to volunteer and stand in front of the audience - we try to choose a child who looks like they have healthy self-esteem. After examining their ear as they are facing the audience, we ask if they clean their ears regularly. They always say "yes" but we look skeptical. We then put a closed hand by their ear and, with the other hand, pull the 15-20 foot mouth coil ribbon out of their ear - to the delight of the audience and the child too. We give them the opened mouth coil to keep as a souvenir. If you choose to have it come from your mouth, you should stand with your side to the audience to hide the the fact that the coil is in your mouth. A very cool effect. The price listed is for a package of 12.

$7.95 each

Coil and Ring

This trick is both a puzzle and a trick. It's a puzzle that you know how to solve, and the spectator doesn't. It actually is humorous because you keep solving the puzzle, and they get more and more frustrated that they cannot. The trick comes with two coils and two rings. The rings are "stuck" on the coils and cannot be taken off. Following the directions that come witht the trick, you quickly learn how to take the ring off the coil. You begin the trick with both rings "stuck" on the coils. You give one to the spectator and keep one. You tell them that you both will try to take your rings off your coils. They struggle with theirs while you quickly take your ring off. You suggest that maybe their's is broken, so you exchange coils and rings with them (after you secretly put the ring back on the coil so it is once again "stuck"). They struggle once again to get the ring off the coil while you quickly take your ring off. This can go on as long as the specator is able to keep her or his sanity and doesn't try to smash your head in. In the end, it only proves one thing: you are cool and they aren't as cool. Is small and can easily to be carried about. It's especially fun to do with "know-it-all-experts."

$2.50 each

Silver Dollar Through A Card

This is an easy-to-perform trick that you can always carry with you. You show the spectator a card that has a small hole in it. You then show them a genuine United States LARGE silver dollar and ask if they think the silver dollar can go through the hole in the card. Unless they are blind or have a mental disorder, they should respond that it isn't possible. In the event that they might be the skeptical type (94.3% of the population) and think you have a trick silver dollar, you can have them inspect the silver dollar. You then fold over the playing card, slide the silver dollar between the two halves of the card and show how the silver dollar goes right through the small hole. Ocassionaly the spectator will accuse you of placing the coin under the card rather than between the folded parts so the trick can be repeated immediately if desired. It comes with a special card, a genuine, real, large United States silver dollar (hard to find and can be used as real money in emergencies such as a stock market crash) and easy directions. No preparation or set up needed. We want to publicly acknowledge Jimmy "C" - a great DJ, entertainer and magician from Rochester, New York for sharing this trick with us.

$2.95 each

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