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How To Motivate Audiences: 121 Energizers, Ice Breakers and Activities for Promoting Creative Problem Solving, Teamwork and Laughter
(Bates-Jackson, 2003)

Special Introductory Price - 20% discount from publisher's list price!

Would you love to read the most interesting, insightful and practical book ever written? If so, we don't recommend you purchase this book. However, if you do want a book that will perk up your presentations, give you many ideas for quick and easy activities that will keep your audience alert, thinking and motivated, then this is the book you have been waiting for. The introduction has many suggestions and ideas for improving presentations followed by 121 activities that can be applied with a wide variety of audiences. These activities come from over thirty years experience as an educator of teachers, over tweny years experience leading at the annual Creative Problem Solving Institute and over five years experience as a humorist and amateur magician. Seventy-six of the exercises take 15 minutes or less - an important criterion when time is short and there is a lot to accomplish. If, following purchase of this book, you feel it is not helpful and does not match this description, you can return it for a full refund. This illustrates our level of confidence that you will find the book both enjoyable and helpful.

$23.95 each

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