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Humor Products

Rocket Balloons

Rocket balloons are one of our best-selling items. Each packet comes with one rocket balloon and a small straw that is inserted in the end to blow it up. Once inflated, the rocket balloon is about 4 or 5 inches in diameter and three to four feet long. When it is let go, it flies 30 to 60 feet making a cool whistling noise. We use them frequently at keynotes and workshops at the beginning or end of the program. It's a blast to see a hundred rocket balloons let go simultaneously flying around a large room - excellent for promoting team spirit and a positive environent. Rocket balloons stay in the air for almost 30 seconds, and they can be reused. Order a free sample and check them out for yourself.

Free: 1 Sample Rocket Balloon
$0.50 each: 2 - 11 - Rocket Balloons
$5.00 per dozen - 1-5 dozen Rocket Balloons
$23.00 - Box of 72 Rocket Balloons

Mental Floss

Mental Floss, also known as "Brain Floss," is a fun prop that makes it look like you are flossing your brain. You place the plastic band containing the string over your ears and around the back of your head. You then pull on the strings as if you are flossing - a real hoot for the spectators! One way to do it is to have it on with the strings partially hidden before coming in front of the audience and then begin flossing. At times we put in on right in front of the audience and then begin flossing - it seems to have just as good an effect. A good way to lighten things up when people are feeling particularly stressed. IF YOU PURCHASE THREE, YOU WILL GET A FOURTH ONE FREE!

$3.95 each

Rubber Chicken

Yes, folks - here it is! The genuine Rubber Chicken you have always wanted, but never got around to purchasing. Great for throwing around when frustrated. We've even heard that choking the chicken can help relieve stress. Here's your opportunity. Great price too!

$7.95 each

Mask Glasses

These glasses will impress your colleagues and friends. You can actually see through them while looking funny to others. You can act like you have on regular glasses as you go about the day and see the funny reactions of others. Great for Halloween.

$2.50 each

Nerd Glasses

Do you remember any "Nerds" from high school? Luckily, no one ever considered you a Nerd. These are great for Halloween, High School reunions, gaining sympathy from your former high school sweetheart and impressing your optometrist, opthalmologist, optician, occulist and eye doctor.
Remember - Nerds rule!

$2.50 each

Groucho Glasses

Another classic humor item you can't be without. Patterened after Groucho Marx one of the funniest people in the universe unless, for some reason, you didn't find him funny. These are not your run-of-the-mill Groucho Glasses - these have real "fur" eyebrows and mustache and are as sturdy as regular glasses.

$2.95 each

Naughty Cow Key Chain

Someone told us it was inappropriate, showing disdain for the traditional values and norms of our society, and immoral to sell "naughty" cows on this website, and we figured those were pretty decent reasons for offering them. Show us a cow that never "poops" and we'll show you a dead cow. Pooping, in our opinion, is a normal life function, a necessity for healthy living, an attribute that makes living things alive and, as you can tell, we could go on an on and on and on and on.... Anyway, it's not only a normal cow, a cow that "poops" temporarily when you squeeze it - it's also a keychain at a fair price! You'll probably want to distribute these as gifts to your many friends so ask about our quantity discount.

$1.95 each

Naughty Pig Key Chain

If you haven't read the important and interesting information about the "Naughty Cow Key Chain" above, we suggest you go there now. The Naughty Pig is very similar to the Naughty Cow except that one is a pig and the other is a cow. If you're not sure of the difference, perhaps the pictures we have provided might help. We have been looking for a "naughty" item that would be appropriate for vegetarians, and we will add the item as soon as one is found.

$1.95 each

Naughty Dog Key Chain

You may have guessed that this item has some resemblance to the two items above. This key chain is for the person who wants to be reminded of a pet rather than farm animals.

$1.95 each

Train Whistle

This is a great item for supermarket store lines, the back of the classroom, the front row at the theater - any time you want people to think a train is coming through. Sounds just like a real train. These are excellent for getting back the attention of participants at a workshop when they are busily working in small groups. It can also gain the attention of students - a perfect item for substitute teachers. It's even fun to make the train sound when you are riding in your car and approaching some train tracks.

$3.95 each

2.8 Inch Earth Squeeze Ball

This is a larger-than-average Earth Squeeze Ball. When you get tense when at work, at home, on a trip, sleeping, on vacation, using the restroom, skiing, while traveling in the ambulance to the should always have your relaxing earth squeeze ball with you. Prevents stress, anxiety, fear and anger - let you earth squeezable earth ball keep you cool, calm and collected. The land masses are raised for a nice textured feel to the ball. All major cities, states, countries and landmarks are highlighted on the squeeze ball as are all oceans, rivers and tributaries. Well, we're sort of kidding because the cities, states, countries, oceans, rivers etc. aren't really highlighted, but wouldn't it be cool if they were.

$1.95 each

Touchable Bubble Pencils

If you haven't experienced touchable bubbles, you're in for a real treat with these. The challenge historically is that blowing bubbles is fun, but the bubbles don't stick around very long. Now, modern technology has solved that problem with touchable bubbles! You take the small wand out of the bubble pencil, blow a bunch of little bubbles, wait about 10-20 seconds, and then proceed to catch the bubbles. You can actually catch them and even stack them up. Kids love catching them. Fun at the office, home, post office, car, doctor's office, fancy restaurant, airplane, bath house, casino, and many other places too.

$1.00 each or 12 for $9.00

Million-Dollar Bills

Have you made your first million yet? Well, here it is! A "genuine" brand-spanking new one million dollar bill! We love paying for stuff with them - always gets a great reaction. There are many imitations of these bills, but these are the best we have found. We have communicated directly with the person who designed the bills, and she has obtained certificates from various governmental agencies that have approved, certified and judged these bills as completely legitimate, legal and able to be distributed anywhere in the known universe (we are currently checking on distribution rights for the unknown universe). They are the same size and colors as regular bills and, as you might expect, easy to carry around. Buy a bunch and hand them out to colleagues, prospective clients and friends.

$2.00 each: 3 Million Dollar Bills
$6.00 qty. 10: 3 Million Dollar Bills
$11.00 qty. 20: 3 Million Dollar Bills
$25.00 qty. 50: 3 Million Dollar Bills

Happy Face Head Boppers

These are fun to wear anywhere you want to get a smile out of other people - traffic court, church or synagogue, the public library, the dentist and many other places.... Fit small to medium and large heads. We recently attended a conference where all those registering participants were wearing Happy Face Head Boppers and it added a positive touch to the opening of the conference.

$1.50 each

Round Playing Cards

Getting bored of playing with the same old rectangular cards all the time? Try these round cards for a change of pace! They should get a smile from the poker players or women's club. A creative and fun variation on traditional cards.

$3.95 each

Finger Balls

You haven't had real fun until you throw a finger ball or two out and see the reactions of the audience. It's a great variation for training exercises that require balls. Nothing like a bunch of rubbery, squishy fingers to get people's attention. A fun item with numerous uses including a semi-appropriate way to give others "the fingers."

$2.95 each

Flying Fists

Here's a great item for teachers, trainers, workshop leaders and anyone who wants to get the attention of the audience. You indicate that it is important that everyone pay close attention to the what is being taught or else you will hit them with your fist. To illustrate, you take out a flying fist or two and shoot them out at the participants (without aiming at any particular person). It's good for a laugh, and later you can threaten to shoot anyone who isn't paying close attention. It's a great way to safely get out hostility - people can "shoot" each other without the possibility of hurting anyone. They can promote creativity by have a ground rule that it's the only legitimate way to "shoot down" another person's idea.

$1.95 each

2 1/2 in. Happy Face Squeeze Ball

What would a humor website be without a Happy Face Squeeze Ball? It would be a like a ballgame without hotdogs, a honeymoon without the moon, a firefighter without a hose, an engineer without a pocket protector, a...well, you get the idea... This is a ball that can promote feelings of calm and contentment, by squeezing it in a slow and steady pattern your troubles disappear as if by magic. It helps you relax, relieves stress, allows you to leave all cares behind, and may even help you sleep like a smiling baby. You can also use this ball for any games, exercises or activies that require a ball.

$1.50 each

Stool Sample Cards

There's nothing like carrying around your own stool sample - or several stool samples in your pocket or purse. The next time your doctor requests a stool sample, give her one of these! It's fun to come up to a colleague, family member, friend or even a complete stranger and ask them if they want to see your stool sample. You might even offer to give them one which should do a lot to get their attention, interest and admiration. The perfect item for doctors to give to patients. We also offer framed 8 1/2 x 11 inch stool samples for those bold individuals who want to make a statement.

$0.50 each: Stool Sample Card
$2.00 qty. 10: Stool Sample Cards
$3.50 qty. 20: Stool Sample Cards
$9.00 qty. 50: Stool Sample Cards $7.00 8-1/2 in. Framed Stool Sample

Pride and Joy Cards

This is a humorous item that should get a chuckle even from people weaned on pickles. Maybe you see someone you haven't seen in awhile and you're exchanging stories about your respective families. You ask the person if they want to see your "pride and joy." (For individuals who may not have heard this expression, it basically refers to seeing a picture of one's family members about whom the person is very proud). Unless they are some type of heartless mutant (22% of the population), they should indicate how excited they would be to see your "pride and joy." However, instead of showing off your family members, you take out a picture of the "pride and joy" cleaning products from your purse or wallet. Easy to carry around. If you wish to purchase more than 100 at a time, contact us for our quantity discount.

$0.50 each: Pride and Joy Card
$3.00 qty. 10: Pride and Joy Cards
$6.00 qty. 20: Pride and Joy Cards
$20.00 qty. 50: Pride and Joy Cards

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