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Intermediate Beginner Magic

Ball to Jumbo Square

This is a great trick because it is relatively inexpensive, can be mastered with a minimal amount of practice and it is baffling to the audience. You bring a small red ball out of your pocket, purse or your bag of magic. You tell your audience that the person at the magic store said you could hide the ball in your hand and they wouldn't be able to tell which hand the ball was in. You proceed to hide the ball, and then have them guess which hand it is in. What ever they say will be wrong because you reveal a black ball in one hand and a large red square in the other. Then you bring the small red ball out of your pocket or purse or it could even be found elsewhere in the room. It sounds like it would take a lot of practice, but because the items are sponge and specially made, it is easy to perform. This can be combined with the Incrediball for a more drammatic effect when the small red ball is revealed. I use this trick in most of my humor presentations because it can be seen from a distance, it is reliable and it is fun to see the mystified looks on the faces of the audience as the red ball is replaced by the black ball and red square.

$4.95 each

Nickels To Dimes

This is a trick that is considered "self-working" which means that you need very little skill or practice to perform the trick. This is generally considered "close-up" magic since the size of the coins limits the distance from which it can be viewed. The magician (That's you!) shows the spectators a small stack of nickels, and a special magic metal cover. She proceeds to cover the nickels with the magic cover and holds a finger on the top. She snaps her fingers and tells the spectators that the nickels just turned into dimes. She snaps her fingers again and informs the group that the dimes have just turned back into nickels. (If the spectators are alive and breathing, this should generate a laugh or, at least, some smiles). She snaps her fingers again and informs them that the nickels have once again changed into dimes. She now removes the metal cover to reveal that indeed the four nickels have turned into four real dimes. All items can then be handed out for inspection. The key to this trick is precision-machined parts that give false appearances of reality. When I first began performing this trick, I would have it set up ahead of time on a table. At one point I took a risk and tried it in a spectator's hand while others looked on. I put the magic cap over the stack of nickels and they closed their hand tightly over it. I then proceeded through the routine of changing the nickels to dimes and back and then to dimes again. When they opened their hand, I removed the cap showing that the nickels had disappeard and four real dimes were left in their hand. It was so successful, I try to perform the trick in a spectator's hand most of the time.

$4.95 each

Color-Changing Rope

This trick takes less than three minutes to learn how to perform. It is probably more suited to individuals ages twelve and over as it is necessary to hide part of the rope in a hand. Younger individuals could try it, but they might have difficulty depending on the size of their hands. You show the spectators a piece of white rope about 8 to 10 inches long. There are various things you can say such as you were looking around for some red rope earlier that day but couldn't find any. Then, in less than a second, the rope you're holding changes from white to red. From the viewpoint of the audience the color change is instantaneous and not visible to the naked eye. Only you know the simple secret. Very easy. Requires no slight of hand or special skill.

$6.95 each


This is a cool trick that we often combine with Jumbo Ball-To-Square. In Ball-To-Square you show a red ball, hide it in your hands and have the audience guess what hand it is in. They are always wrong as you show a red square in one hand and a black ball in the other. It is then that we bring the red sponge Incrediball out of a pocket, purse or wherever. You show the red ball and then say how you like larger things and by manipulating the ball without hiding it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE suddenly it changes from a small ball into one that is about five times larger than the one you originally showed. This takes about five minutes of practice to perform. A high-quality item and definitely worth the investment.

$9.50 each

D'Lite Thumb Tips

D'Lite thumb tips are amazing, fun, useful and effective. You might want to tell the audience you were recently out in an electrical storm and ever since then you have been able to pull lights out of your ear. You then proceed to pull a bright red light out of your ear, look surprised and then blow it out. You then proceed to pull another red light out of your other ear and blow that one out. You can then have lights coming from one ear and going in the other ear, coming from your ear and going in your nose - even coming from behind you (as if you just 'passed wind' and caught your finger on fire). Easy to use and carry around. Two D'Lites are necessary to show a light passing from one thumb to the other. You can even give one to a friend and "throw" the lights across a room. Requires very little practice. When these first came out they were sold at almost double our price. Please specify if you need one for a large or small thumb or if you want one for a person who is African-American.

$9.50 each

Chinese Prayer Vase

You show your audience a red plastic vase with chinese characters on the side and a white rope protruding from the top of the vase. We often share the fact that the plastic used to make the vase is from China and is over 2000 years old! Once, during a school program, one student started to write that down in his notebook, so we had to share that we were kidding and that plastic has only been around for about 1500 years. You insert the rope and show how it moves easily in and out of the vase. You then turn the vase over, give the rope a little twist, say any magical words you or the audience can come up with, let go of the rope and show how the rope doesn't fall out of the vase. You can even hold on to the rope and let the vase hang from the rope showing that the vase will not fall. You then remove the rope from the vase and hand both items to a volunteer spectator who wants to try to repeat the trick. As long as they try they will never succeed - because only you know the simple secret. The trick is self-working but takes a little practice to perform smoothly.

$3.95 each

Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda is a well-designed, amazing and powerful magic item that is considered "close-up" magic. Most close-up coin magic requires good manual dexterity and hours and hours of practice. This is not necessary with Scotch and Soda which is why it is relatively expensive. The manufacturers of the trick have done the work for us by finely machining coins that automatically perform the magic. You show the spectator a Mexican coin and a United States Kennedy half-dollar. They put out one hand and you place the coins in their hand and then have them close their hand into a fist. You then direct them to put their hands behind their back and put one of the coins in one hand and one in the other. Then they are directed to bring their hands in front of them while still keeping the coins in their closed fists. They are reqested to open the hand that they believe contains the Mexican coin. They open the hand and it contains a U.S. quarter! When they open the other hand they see the U.S. half-dollar and the Mexican coin has disappeared! You can then reveal the Mexican coin from your pocket or other place. Another trick that can be performed with Scotch and Soda is that you take a clear empty glass (a wine glass is best), you put the U.S. half-dollar and English penny in the glass and slide them to the bottom of the glass. You then take one coin out of the glass showing the U.S. half-dollar - the English penny has disappeared right in front of their eyes! Although this trick is self-working, the trick that uses the U.S. quarter (not provided with the trick) does take a little practice. There are several versions of Scotch and Soda available. We use the one developed by Sterling which is one of the best available on the market. Definitely an investment you will not regret.

$18.95 each

Slush Powder

Slush powder is a classic magic item that has amazed audiences around the world except for people in one small town in Indiana, and we forget the name of that town. One possible routine with slush powder is the performer shows the audience three cups - one contains water. You say that the magic shop owner said you could mix the cups up and the audience would not be able to follow which one contains the water. You pour the water in one of the cups, mix them up and the audience is able to point out the cup with the water. You do it again showing frustration that the trick is not working as the man said it would. You do it a third time and the audience is sure they know which cup contains the water. However, you invert that cup showing the cup is empty. You then proceed to turn the other cups over revealing that the water has disappeared! It takes less than two minutes to figure out how to perform the trick and to make it work. There are other routines that can be performed with the same powder that are described in the directions that come with it. Comes with enough powder to perform the trick over 20 times. Slush powder is non-toxic, but should not be inhaled or ingested. This item is recommended for individuals ages 13 and over.

$6.95 each

Repeat Change Bag

Change bags have been used by magicians since the origin of the universe. Well, maybe not that long but for a long time. We have tried various change bags, but we especially like the repeat bag because it allows the magician to make two changes rather than just one. A great feature of the repeat change bag is the changes you can make are only limited by your imagination. We solicited a $20 bill from a spectator in the audience and the fool, I mean generous individual, actually gave us one! We had him place the $20 in the change bag. We waved the bag around, said various magical words (and even some that weren't all that magical) and had the spectator reach in the bag to retreive his $20. Unfortunately for him, he only came up with a $1 bill. We were just as upset as he was, so we had him put the $1 bill back in the bag. We again waved the bag around, said various...well, you know... then had him reach in to get his $20. This time he brought out one $10 bill, one $5 bill and four $1 bills. He felt a little better but wasn't completely satisfied. Once again, we had him return that money to the bag, went through the bag waving and magic words routine one more time and this time he reached in and was relieved to get back his original $20 bill.
On another occassion, we solicited a volunteer from the audience - any person who was wearing a tie. A gentlemen came forward and was greeted appropriately. We then told him how we appreciated his participation in a magic trick and, before he could respond, we cut his tie in half with a big scissors (kitchen shears work well for this). Understandably, he was quite upset, but we assured him it wasn't a problem and we would presently be able to restore his tie to it's original condition. We had him take the remaining parts of his tie off and place all the pieces in the magical bag. We waved the bag around and said varioius magical words (and some that weren't all that magical) several times, but each time all we took out of the bag were the same cut pieces of his tie. He was really getting upset, so we really whirlled the bag around and said lots of wild magical words (and one or two that really weren't all that wild) and then had him reach in the bag again. This time he pulled out a complete tie but unfortunately it was wasn't the same tie he was wearing earlier; and he referred to it with such words as "gaudy," "hideous," and "repulsive," although we think he liked it. We apologized profusely and had him return that tie to the bag. Following another series of bag waving and incantations, he was able to reach into the bag and come up with his original tie but this time completely restored. This may sound difficult, but, due to the qualities of the bag (that only you know), it is actually quite easy. If you've actually read all this about the change bag, it may be the right prop for you. It is a velvet bag and lots of fun. We do not recommend that it be used for holding liquids, plants or pets.

$18.95 each

Rainbow Chips

This trick can be mastered in five minutes or less. Children age ten or older should be able to perform it reliably. A story line is provided in the directions or you can make up your own. You show two plastic "chips" that are dark gray on all sides. You rub them together and suddenly two bright colors appear. You show the other sides are still gray - rub them together and they instantly transform into two other colors. You then show that the gray has completely disappeared and you now have four colors on the chips - red,, blue, green and yellow. Can easily be carried in a pocket or purse.

$3.95 each

Appearing 10-Foot Pole

This is a great trick that we use in all our presentations and is well-worth the cost. You have some reason or story why you need a pole. Maybe you are practicing to be a pole vaulter, you're planning a trip to Poland, you think there is a Poltergeist in your house, you want to take a poll of the audience, or whatever... You have a plain paper bag lying flat on a table in front of your audience, you open the bag and proceed to take out an 8-foot long wooden pole. Once the pole is completely out of the bag (so to speak), you can flatten the bag again on the table and set the pole against a wall. It's fun to pull the pole out of the bag slowly and watch the amazement on the faces of people in the audience. The pole is actually only 8-feet long, but the reason it is called the "10-foot Appearing Pole" is that magicians tend to exaggerate. As my mother once told me, "If I've told you once, I've told you 80 million times, don't exaggerate!" When opened, the pole is about 2 inches in diameter and looks like a real pole. This is completely self-working magic, requires no skill and comes with complete directions. When it is in it's un-extended state, it is very easy to carry around.

$28.95 each

Growing Ball Outdone

This is a rather easy trick performed with a red sponge ball, a black sponge ball and several small black sponge balls. You show that you have a red sponge ball in one hand and a black sponge ball in he other hand. The black sponge ball is inserted into the fist that is holding the red ball. You then open your hands to show that the larger black ball has disappeared and in its place are several black balls. In addition the red ball has more than doubled in size. We include this in the intermediate beginner section as it is a self-working trick and requires no sleight of hand. About 10 to 20 minutes of practice should be enough for you to perform this trick in front of a spectator or small audience.

$5.95 each

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