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Intermediate Magic

Invisible Deck

This is a wonderful and amazing trick - great for close-up and without the need for sleight of hand and years of practice. How this is done is absolutely baffling to the spectators; and the secret, as with all magic, should be closely guarded. It is placed in the "Intermediate" category because it requires practice to perform reliably. Individuals age 12 or 13 should be able to learn this trick without much difficulty. The practice is completely worth it the first time you perform the trick. You may have seen David Blaine perform this trick on television. Now we can say that this trick is: "As Seen on TV". Here's how it goes: The Invisible Deck trick is typically considered "close-up" magic and is usually performed for an individual or small group. You ask a spectator if she or he would like to see a card trick. Most people respond affirmatively, but if they hesitate or appear as if they are going to decline, act as if they said "yes" and take the imaginary deck out of your pocket, purse or wherever you keep your real Invisible Deck. You remove the invisible deck from the invisible box and shuffle it a couple of times. Then fan the imaginary cards in both your hands in front of the person and ask them to take any card. They will select a card (trust me). Have them remember what the card is. You ask the spectator to turn the imaginary card so it is facing up, opposite the other cards, and replace it anywhere in the deck (you still have the imaginary cards spread out). You turn your head so you cannot see the invisible card being returned to the deck. Square the deck up in your hand, put it away in the invisible box and return the box from where you had first taken it.
Ask the spectator to share what card they selected. Some spectators will believe you should identify the card without them telling you what it is, but your excellent persuasive skills will get them to reveal it. Once they have told you the card, take out your real Invisible Deck from the same place where you returned the invisible one. Tell the spectator that earlier that day you turned over one card in this deck and you are confident it is the same card they selected. Spread the cards and reveal that there is only one card that is face down. Have the spectator remove the card from the deck and look at it. Of course, due entirely to you skill as a magician, this card is the same card they selected from the Invisible Deck! This probably sounds impossible, as anyone who doesn't know the secret would agree, but it can be performed reliably following practice. It comes with complete directions including a suggestion for using the deck with larger audiences.

$8.95 each

Thumb Tips

We have placed the thumb tip under the "Intermediate" category because it does take some work and practice to use properly. It definitely is not difficult, and can be mastered by serious 12 or 13 year-olds. You may have noted that the D'Lite thumb tip was placed under the "Advanced Beginner" category because it has a single purpose - lighting the tip of the thumb. The regular thumb has been used as a magic tool for a long time and is still as useful as it was a hundred years ago when thumb tips were made of materials other than plastic. Generally, the magician uses the thumb tip to make various objects "disappear." It can also be used to make things appear or reappear once they have vanished. We use ours mostly with silks, and now can make silks disappear and reappear in "close-up" situations without the specators observing the thumb tip. Children and women generally will use the small thumb tips while men typically need the larger ones. There are also thumb tips available in both sizes for African-Americans. We suggest purchasing the thumb-tip, silk and booklet of tricks which should be all you need to get started with your thumb tip.

$3.95 each

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